NDepend 2017

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Anyone working with large software systems knows the difficulties of retaining visibility into those systems. As software solutions grow, it becomes increasingly difficult to retain a clear picture of how the components fit together. In an age of increasingly demanding software consumers it is critical to quickly find and solve problems before they grow. Enter NDepend, a collection of tools designed for deep analysis and visualization of the software solutions you create. NDepend provides a rich analytic tool set to help gain a deep understanding of your code and monitor the health of a project throughout its lifecycle. I've used NDepend…
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Focusing on Falsifiability

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I recently came across a passage regarding the different ways of establishing belief for hypotheses and found myself thinking about an all too common area of missed opportunity in software quality assurance. It reads: "All swans are white- until you reach Australia and discover the black swans paddling serenely. For science built on induction, the counterexample is always the ruffian waiting to mug the innocent hypothesis as they pass by, which is why the scientific method now deliberately seeks him out, sending assumptions into the zone of maximum danger. The best experiments deduce an effect from the hypothesis and then…
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