Fixing Tekken 7 Startup Problem on Windows 10

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I'm having fun watching #EVO2018 and of course it has me inspired to get back into playing Tekken. When I tried to launch the game, I was greeted by a black screen with the startup video audio playing in the background. Alt-tab didn't work, clicking on the task bar didn't work. Well, crap! Fortunately, internet to the rescue. This forum post pointed me at a game settings configuration file: Tweaking resolution and fullscreen settings in that file got it launching appropriately. As a good citizen to future me, I created an Evernote to avoid me losing the information in the…
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NDepend 2017

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Anyone working with large software systems knows the difficulties of retaining visibility into those systems. As software solutions grow, it becomes increasingly difficult to retain a clear picture of how the components fit together. In an age of increasingly demanding software consumers it is critical to quickly find and solve problems before they grow. Enter NDepend, a collection of tools designed for deep analysis and visualization of the software solutions you create. NDepend provides a rich analytic tool set to help gain a deep understanding of your code and monitor the health of a project throughout its lifecycle. I've used NDepend…
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There and Back Again

I have rejoined Cvent to help guide their Portland group as part of their software architecture team. Cvent provide world class solutions for planning and managing events across a wide variety of industries. My role is to guide their software development efforts and help set technical strategy. Taking a Break Before I came back I did something I haven't done in two decades. Not since I first entered the software industry have I taken a break between jobs. It sounds silly, but I just hadn't ever found a good opportunity to take a break so I just kept on going...for two straight…
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Terrible Experience with Frontier Communications

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After moving in to our new house, Meaghan and I of course wanted internet service. Having heard some positive things about Frontier, and enticed by their 150/150 FioS service we decided to give them a shot. What transpired was an awful experience spanning over two weeks and involving over ten hours of wasted time. The installation didn't ever get completed. It all began with a rather normal phone call to their sales department. I described the services we wanted and we scheduled a date for installation. I was a little disappointed at the nine-hour service window, "we'll be there somewhere between 8am and 5pm",…
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Vacation (kinda)

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I took a few days off between Arris and starting with CrowdCompass. Since we're already planning to travel in July and are just finishing up buying a new house, we didn't plan to go anywhere. I'm just taking the days to unwind a bit, help around the house while I can, and study up for my new position. I've got a stack of books on my desk that I'm slowly working through and I'm practicing on my Mac and Ubuntu machines to get my linux muscle memory back a bit. I've used them in the past for development, but it's that day-in-day-out twitch memory that…
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Heading in a New Direction

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Four years ago when I joined Arris it was at the beginning of a turnaround. While the corporation itself was a behemoth, the group I joined contained only a handful of people. Since then I've watched it grow to more than a hundred people spread over more than ten sites across three different continents. I've learned lots of new technologies, met a ton of great people, and made several solid friendships that will live on long beyond my tenure. I helped deliver two solid cloud-based solutions that have the potential to drastically improve the experience of the individual cable subscriber…
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NDepend – Beyond Static Analysis

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I work on a large software project in the cable and telecommunications space. We have a team of developers about 50 in size that is growing every month. What once started as a simple .NET web application has since grown into a large multi-tenant Azure-hosted enterprise solution with over 100 projects, 7 builds, and a host of different technologies and patterns. We've got a skilled team and everyone has been working hard to keep the quality and consistency high, but as with any software project things will eventually slip past the radar and start to cause problems. One tool that I have employed…
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Windows Powershell – How to Rename a Folder

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I've recently switched over to using Powershell and while I'm liking a lot of what I see, my reflexes have yet to catch up. When I go to rename a folder my fingers want to type mv or ren. I get greeted with error text in alarming red and have to take a second to reset my brain into Powershell land. I usually add my tips to Evernote but a friend of mine recently reminded me that blogging is a nice way to share. Rename-Item <oldname> <newname> Additional documentation here: Powershell
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Asus TouchPad Problems – Fixed

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I’ve been experiencing some issues recently with the TouchPad on my ASUS mini-book. Shortly after logging in, the touchpad would cease to function. Key presses were still recognized, and the touch-screen still allowed interaction, but the touchpad itself was completely unresponsive. Restarting or logging out and back in would fix the touchpad, but only for a few minutes. It turns out that I was the cause of my own problem. The F9 key has a sub-function mapped that will disable the touchpad. I must have accidentally pressed it when aiming for the F10 mute function at some point. That left…
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