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These are the logs of Cmdr Stu Thompson, documenting my adventures in the game Elite: Dangerous. I first started playing Elite in the late eighties on a BBC Model B that belonged to my dad. He showed me how to play from a young age and from that first moment I was hooked. I remember flying all around Lave, Diso, Riedquat, and then off deeper into the galaxy pursuing Kraits, Adders, and eventually Thargons. It was a great ride and remains one of the greatest video gaming experiences I’ve ever had.

Having a Goal
My first goal is to travel from my current location of Nakaya Gateway (LTT 7069) to the Lave system. I’d like to explore the old stomping ground and see what’s new. Along the way I plan to gather some exploration data and collect any bounties I can find. They’ve been the most profitable and enjoyable activities for me so far and I’ve been able to fit a pretty decent Adder as a result. Eventually I’d like to upgrade to a Viper and then of course the classic Cobra Mk III. My gut tells me the Viper will be the better long-term combat vessel, but the draw of the original ship just can’t be resisted. Since ships retain their value I should be able to experiment with both and see how they feel.

Tracking that Goal
The logs I’m keeping are mostly just for fun. I have a Moleskine notebook and a gel pen on my desk. Since there can be some longer flight times in Elite even in super-cruise, I figured it would be a fun way to pass the time and also keep a record of my deeds. With the help of XSplit I’m able to record the action and then share the results on YouTube. As often as I can find the time I’ll type up the notes and share a link to the video here. Hopefully they are of entertainment or education to someone and if not at least I had fun making them. With that said, I’ll turn over to the (sometimes in character) logs. I’ve editorialized a little for readability and entertainment, but otherwise these are a blow for blow account of my ever unfolding adventures. Happy New Year!

Commander’s Log – 2014-12-31
I started with a hyperspace jump from LTT 7069 -> LHS 3315 (4.14 Ly). It was an uneventful system yet I tracked an unidentified signal source (USS) that led me to two wanted criminals; Nagistar (Cobra Mk III) and Rob Lewis (Eagle). I killed them both for a total of around 10k in bounties. Turned in the vouchers at Wittgenstein Hanger for a nice reward.

Next I jumped to the Alrai Sector DL-Y D81 (4.04Ly) and then straight on to LTT 6883 (8.55Ly), an otherwise barren binary star system. From there I jumped to Gunnovale (5.51Ly) and tracked another three criminals, two in Cobra Mk IIIs and a third in a Sidewinder. Had they worked together I would have been toast for sure. Fortunately their selfish attitudes allowed me to pick them off one at a time. The first two cobras were pretty straightforward dogfights. I kept inside their turning circles and just gunned them down. The third pilot confused me for a while. I could see his dot on my scanner but couldn’t seem to target him. I’d heard about the ability to “run silent” but this was my first experience with such a trick. Without being able to target I was unable to scan and I wanted to be sure there was a bounty on the pilot’s head before engaging him. The last thing I needed was to be wanted myself. Fortunately a quick burst from my d-scanner removed his cloak and I was able to proceed as usual. Izaac Hunt was wanted by the local authorities. With all three outlaws destroyed I found a local station that would accept the vouchers and headed that way.

Clauss City is a large station with a variety of facilities. Not only was I able to redeem my bounty vouchers for a nice payday, I also found some upgraded thrusters and an upgraded power-grid. Both components are significantly lighter meaning that my jump range is greater. That will make the trip to Lave much easier as previously inaccessible routes will now be available to me.



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