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I’ve been experiencing some issues recently with the TouchPad on my ASUS mini-book. Shortly after logging in, the touchpad would cease to function. Key presses were still recognized, and the touch-screen still allowed interaction, but the touchpad itself was completely unresponsive. Restarting or logging out and back in would fix the touchpad, but only for a few minutes.

ASUS F9 Touchpad Function

It turns out that I was the cause of my own problem. The F9 key has a sub-function mapped that will disable the touchpad. I must have accidentally pressed it when aiming for the F10 mute function at some point. That left only the question of why the touchpad would work for a short while then begin failing. The answer lies in how the additional function keys are implemented.

Since these additional functions are software managed, the ASUS library responsible for maintaining their state must be loaded before their behaviors are realized. After logging in, the touchpad would function for the couple of minutes it took the ASUS software to load. It would then disable the touchpad as I had (erroneously) requested.

If your ASUS X200CA touchpad ceases to function unexpectedly, press [fn] + [f9] to see if that fixes it.


  • Neil Cartwright

    Ha! Amazing – that’ll serve me right for mis-keying when muting the Laptop! Thanks Stuart!

  • ellie

    doesn’t work for me. used to with windows 8 but upgraded to windows 10 and now the cursor disappears after few seconds never to return. any other ideas?

    • I believe in Windows 10 that you will need to install the latest versions of the ASUS drivers. I believe the packages you’ll need are the ATK driver and the TouchPad driver.
      The link for the ASUS support downloads for the X200CA (my model) is here: http://www.asus.com/us/supportonly/X200CA/HelpDesk_Download/
      You’ll want to be sure to enter the correct model number if you have a different model.
      On that page there should be a drop-down for OS (pick Windows 10) and then links will show for the available drivers.
      Download both the ATK and TouchPad drivers. As of this morning the versions were ATK: V1.0.0039 and TouchPad V4.0.5.

      Please know that I can’t know your exact situation and provide this information without any warranty or guarantee.
      Good luck!

  • Ryan Champion

    mine still fails to become responsive, i have only just experienced this issue…

  • Bill Duncan

    Thank you! It’s always something stupid but only AFTER you know the answer! Great catch!

  • if the driver and the fn not works is it possible that my device is failing? but i never use the touch pad for a long period since i have small boothooth usb mouse … i’m just curious if the touch pad can be shut off by BIOS? since i use linux also ..

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