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I’m really losing momentum with Google+ lately. I love the platform, the structure of the streams, and the simplicity of sharing. However, there are some huge gaps that are causing me to share and engage here less and less often.

The lack of an API means a lack of third-party tool integration. In turn that means I can aggregate my feeds and cross-post to all of my social platforms except Google+. I have to make a separate trip here to catch up or share what I’m thinking.

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No Native iPad App
This is more specific to my use case than I’m sure it is to many others, but I bet I’m not completely alone. I use my iPad for just about everything these days. It’s with me way more often than I am at my computer and therefore it sees the most use. When I lift the cover I’m greeted with a number of badge counters to draw my attention to recent events. The FaceBook app shows how many unread comments and messages I have. Twitter shows my mentions. Google Voice shows me unread messages. Google+ shows me…nothing…because the best I have is a link to the url which will open in Safari. I could go the route of installing the iPhone version of Google+ on my iPad and running it in 2x eyebleed mode. I chose not to do that because in 2x the interface is as ugly as a war wound and as useful as a paper hat in a broken nuclear reactor.

Noise Control
The signal:noise ratio even at my low number of circled friends is often abysmal. I see the same few posts over and over with no way to mute a post generally. I’d love to be able to say "yes, I’ve seen the kittens, now let me mute the original post and have that mute all of the subsequent shares of that post". If it’s possible to track the sharing with ripples, it must be possible to track it for muting.

Stuart Thompson - iPad Push Notifications

I really, really like Google+, but I’m finding I visit less and less. When I have ten minutes to spare and I open the cover of my iPad, I’m more likely to investigate the (9) unread items on FaceBook or my (3) mentions on Twitter than click on a bookmark in Safari and go sniffing through the noise for stuff that might be interesting.

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