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Soul Calibur V

Watching EVO 2018 this weekend got me excited for the release of Soul Calibur VI. I have loved the Soul Calibur series since a friend of mine introduced me to the second and third entries in the series back in 2004. I played Soul Calibur III for hundreds of hours, studying all of the techniques and intricacies of the characters. I've been a fan of fighting games since I discovered Street Fighter II in the early nineties, but something about the hand-to-hand weapon combat of the Soul Calibur series has always fascinated me. I find the characters and story to…
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Fixing Tekken 7 Startup Problem on Windows 10

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I'm having fun watching #EVO2018 and of course it has me inspired to get back into playing Tekken. When I tried to launch the game, I was greeted by a black screen with the startup video audio playing in the background. Alt-tab didn't work, clicking on the task bar didn't work. Well, crap! Fortunately, internet to the rescue. This forum post pointed me at a game settings configuration file: https://steamcommunity.com/app/389730/discussions/0/1291817837621663705/ Tweaking resolution and fullscreen settings in that file got it launching appropriately. As a good citizen to future me, I created an Evernote to avoid me losing the information in the…
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WeakAuras – Customizing World of Warcraft

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In preparation for the Battle for Azeroth, I've been learning all about the changes to the paladin class and looking at ways to spice up my user interface. There are many ways to customize the World of Warcraft client. One of the most amazing features of WoW is the rich add-on and modding support that is available directly. Over the last fifteen year, the WoW modding community have created some very mature add-on libraries that allow players to entirely overhaul the user interface. One of the most flexible and powerful of these add-ons is WeakAuras. In a nutshell, WeakAuras allow a…
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Dark Souls III, A Master-Class of Design

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I'm late to the game with Dark Souls III. It made the list of "games I want to experience" back when it first released, then life took over and a couple of years disappeared into the ether. Now that I'm finally able to delve into the dark lands of Lothric, I've discovered a rich dark fantasy packed with depth and unafraid to break with conventional game design. While I wasn't able to play Dark Souls III immediately, I have heard a lot of feedback from other gamers. People either seemed to love or it hate it based upon its difficulty…
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Rowen Climbing

Friends & Family
We took Rowen to a climbing gym yesterday. She saw someone ascending a rock wall on TV and wanted to give it a try. Rowen was nervous at first but got past her trepidation and had fun, especially jumping on the safety mats. We stayed for about an hour and tried a variety of different scramble areas, including one with a rope assisted harness. We got a pack of five passes so we'll definitely be back again soon.
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Remembering Lucy

Friends & Family ,
Today we remember a truly loving friend. I am very sad to announce that this morning we lost our cat, Lucy. Ten years ago, we met a tiny fluffy ball of energy. Amidst a flurry of other kittens, she scrambled back and forth chasing anything and everything that moved. She was never the brightest, nor the most graceful of cats. Often found hiding under, in, or behind some box, blanket, or sofa. Lucy had the biggest heart. She just wanted to be loved. She was broken, but in all the right ways. Our hearts are heavy with the sadness of…
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NDepend 2017

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Anyone working with large software systems knows the difficulties of retaining visibility into those systems. As software solutions grow, it becomes increasingly difficult to retain a clear picture of how the components fit together. In an age of increasingly demanding software consumers it is critical to quickly find and solve problems before they grow. Enter NDepend, a collection of tools designed for deep analysis and visualization of the software solutions you create. NDepend provides a rich analytic tool set to help gain a deep understanding of your code and monitor the health of a project throughout its lifecycle. I've used NDepend…
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There and Back Again

I have rejoined Cvent to help guide their Portland group as part of their software architecture team. Cvent provide world class solutions for planning and managing events across a wide variety of industries. My role is to guide their software development efforts and help set technical strategy. Taking a Break Before I came back I did something I haven't done in two decades. Not since I first entered the software industry have I taken a break between jobs. It sounds silly, but I just hadn't ever found a good opportunity to take a break so I just kept on going...for two straight…
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Hiking in Silver Falls

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This Sunday we drove down to Silver Falls State Park for a family hike. It was the perfect weather for it, not too hot and not raining! Since it was Rowen's first real hike (woohoo!) we decided to take an easy route to start and go from there. She ate up the first loop in no time, and soon we were faced with the choice of heading back up from South Falls to the lodge and being done by noon, or pushing on to Lower South Falls and facing the arduous switchback climb up Maple Ridge. Anyone who has done that…
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Walks in the Park

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One of our favorite family traditions are our weekend morning walks. Every Saturday and Sunday, Meaghan, Rowen, and I get ourselves out of the house right after breakfast to take advantage of the lovely early morning weather and the best part of the day's energy. Rain or shine we can be found doing loops of our favorite local parks and nature reserves. This morning we had a lovely time at the Tualatin Hills Nature Park.
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